19-21 Somers Street, Leeds, LS1 2RG.
Tel No : 0113 246 8287
Like a terrier who's lost its owner, it started to look like the Warehouse might curl up and mope into oblivion after surrendering SpeedQueen to Stinky’s Peephouse last year. Thankfully though, from November SpeedQueen returns to its spiritual home, bringing back the raucous party atmosphere it's struggled to recreate of late with its new weekend efforts. Its location is still rubbish (but then so was Stinky's) but we haven't forgotten how to walk all that way in our sparkly stillettos, we're party folk damn it. And to experience the SpeedQueen glory days once again, we'll walk miles.
The Warehouse
Fri 9pm-3am, Sat 10pm-4am.
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