Kyle - A Unique Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot - FAQs
1) How does Kyle work?

Although the exact methodology and techniques used in creating Kyle’s unique approach to language are currently a closely guarded secret for copyright and intellectual property reasons, the combination of technologies used are all currently freely available to any internet user. The only difference between Kyle and other similar chatbots is the original, innovative and novel way these technologies are used together to produce something unique.

2) Are Kyle’s responses all pre-scripted?

No. If a user types something new and unique to Kyle, which he has never encountered before, he may respond with an equally new and unique response. This is very different to the vast majority of existing chatbots, which are often incapable of responding in novel ways.

3) How does Kyle learn?

Kyle becomes increasingly sophisticated and complex with every conversation he holds, learning new language and context from user interactions. It could be said that Kyle learns to respond more accurately and appropriately to user input based on each user’s responses. The evolutionary learning technique employed by Kyle models the dynamics of real life communication based on actual interactions, rather than making fixed assumptions on how best to communicate. Thus, emergent behaviour is displayed by Kyle as he learns new language and optimises his ability to communicate. Kyle’s performance is also closely monitored by his creator and minimal adaptations are made to his source code where necessary as part of Kyle’s continued evolution.

4) What’s the difference between Kyle and Jabberwacky?

Both Kyle and Jabberwacky become increasingly sophisticated and complex with every conversation they hold, learning new language and context from user interactions. However, Kyle’s responses are not merely restricted to those input by previous users, nor will he forget the name, or other details he is told, about the user he is speaking with, in the way that Jabberwacky might.

5) What’s the difference between Kyle and ALICE, and other AIML based chatbots?

Although Kyle utilises both Dr. Richard S. Wallace’s AIML and the Pandorabots hosting service to generate a response on screen within the website, through the philosophy of "embrace and extend" Kyle has also been designed to employ a unique contextual learning methodology that allows him to learn from user interactions and not always respond with the same hard-coded responses.
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