Kyle - A Unique Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot
Kyle is a unique learning artificial intelligence (AI) chat robot, chatbot or chatterbot, that aims to simulate natural human language. Not only interesting and entertaining, Kyle may one day be capable of passing the the Turing Test.

Although originally based upon AIML concepts, Kyle employs a unique contextual learning methodology. In some ways he models the way humans learn language, knowledge and context, relying on the principles of positive and negative feedback. This approach is very different to the majority of chatbots, which are often rule-bound and finite.

Allow Kyle to capture your imagination and judge for yourself whether machines really can think...
Kyle - A Unique Learning AI Chatbot
DISCLAIMER: Kyle learns behaviour and words from his users. He may sometimes use language and produce apparent meanings that some may consider inappropriate. Talk to Kyle at your own discretion, and entirely at your own risk.
Winner of
The Leodis AI Awards 2009
Winner of The Leodis AI Awards 2009
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Created by: Paul Malish
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