The Essential Guide to the Gay Scene and Gay Clubs and Bars in Leeds
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The Essential Guide to the Gay Scene and Gay Bars and Clubs in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
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Leeds Gay Scene
02/08/15: The Ninth Annual Leeds Summer Pride Parade and Street Party.
28/11/07: Drag Phenomenon Lady Lloyd Launches Leeds' Latest Gay Night @ Religion.
27/05/07: Gatecrasher - The Summer Sound System 2007 @ Lotherton Hall, Leeds!
31/12/06: Federation New Year's Express @ The Blank Canvas, Granary Wharf.
02/12/06: Fedde Le Grand, "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" @ The Warehouse!
17/06/06: Boy George comes to Leeds!
Leeds Gay Venues
Queens Court
The Bridge Inn
Blayds Bar
The New Penny
Queens Court, Leeds
Fibre, Leeds
The Bridge Inn, Leeds
Blayds Bar, Leeds
The New Penny, Leeds
House DJ's (TinTin/Stuart Robinson/Matt Cosway) pack 'em in at the weekend, and Sunday's "classic anthems" allows the crowd to practice those well-rehearsed Steps routines. Gaining popularity with each passing week, mainly a younger audience, but that may have something to do with the late opening hours. Wheelchair access.
168 Lower Briggate, Mon-Wed 11-12am, Thu 11-1am, Fri/Sat 11-2am, Sun 12-12.30am.
The recent overhaul may have improved the look of the place, but it thankfully hasn't stopped all the fun. Robbie and Geri wannabees get their chance to warble away on Thursdays on the karaoke, and there's a disco with a hip-hop vibe on Fridays, giving way to a nightclub on Saturdays with their resident DJ. Sundays are a particular treat with the theme changing each week - so far we've had a Toga party, an African night and a bit of bondage (ouch!). Happy hour runs for a generous four hours everyday (3-7pm) with drinks £1.50, but Monday is one big happy hour, so get that excuse ready for Tuesday morning.
1-5 Bridge End, Mon-Sat 12-2am, Sun 12pm-12.30am, Mondays everything £1.50
This is Leeds' only 100% gay bar/club. With a young, cool and trendy crowd, it's open 'till 4am and for those who can handle it, one Saturday a month it's open 'till 6am - so crack open that ProPlus. The music's mainly chart and dance but like a stuffed crust, it spills out at the sides at the weekends. It's got a courtyard for those who want to chill out, which is handy as it can get as packed as Dirk Diggler's underpants on Saturdays when both floors are open. With an upstairs club as well, you don't have to venture more than 30ft for an all round good night.
Lower Briggate, Mon-Sat 12pm-4am, Sun 12pm-1am, On Mondays everything's £1
If you're sensible you'll take advantage of the daily happy hour between 4 and 6, which guarantees discounts on the regular draught beers and spirits. All that cheap booze should loosen you up a bit, so you can make friends with any of the very mixed crowd who stop off at Blayds. Don't be surprised to find a crowd ranging from fresh 18 year old students to slightly mouldy 75 year old grandads. The disco arrives at the weekend or if all that camping it up isn't your scene you can try the quiz night on Wednesdays. Wheelchair access.
Off Lower Briggate, 2pm-11.30pm daily with happy hour between 4 and 6
Bang next door to The Bridge Inn, this pub is Leeds' longest running gay drinking venue. It's neon and dark- ages decor may be a little off putting but it simply says it's not trying to be something it's not and as a result it's a good all round venue. Entertainment comes courtesy of cabaret and drag - hoorah! Cheap drinks too -there is a God.
57 Call Lane, Mon-Fri 13:00-23:00, Sat 12:00-16:00 & 19:00-23:00, Sun 12:00-15:00 & 19:00-22:30
Reader Reviews
Wow, how wrong some people are! After reading the reviews on here about the Viaduct I was wary about going in when some friends told me they go all the time. It was a fab night. We went in for one and stayed 'till they chucked us out at half past one! The guy who said the drag DJ is crap is just wrong. She did this camp attack thing and had us all in stitches with her put downs, but as my boyfriend said she took the piss out of herself more than anyone else. The place was heaving and all the staff, including the landlady, were rushed off their feet, BUT they were all nice and we got served pretty quickly. The drinks are pretty cheap too compared to the rest of the scene and a hell of a lot cheaper than any of the bars in Manchester where I'm from. I don't know if the previous guy just went on a bad day or had a personal axe to grind, but we had a fab night and will be going in there whenever we're in Leeds!
Robert Michael Smith - Manchester, 30/01/08

We were in Leeds for a mini break and chanced upon Queens Court, the friendly atmosphere hit us immediately, so we stayed until the early hours! If you're "curious" like I was, be prepared to come out of your shell. Thanks to Becky and Sam for a great night. Will definitely return.
Bev - Sunderland, 06/01/08

The Viaduct is such a waste of a building, the staff are rude, the customers are rough as hell and match the awful décor, which looks like it should be in Blackpool not Leeds, but the worst thing about the whole place is the fat drag DJ, (or that's what they have billed her as) Anna Glypta. Someone told me that he has a fan club called the Glyptanites... sad! Well, like Anna Glypta wallpaper she/he is bland and boring, and I think whoever finds her funny needs to go seek help. She is offensive, ugly and prances around as if she owns the pub. If you want a good night out in Leeds avoid it!!
Sexy Beast - Leeds, 19/10/07

After reading the previous comments posted about gay venues in Leeds I wasn't going to go. However, I dressed in Drag and had a great time! I travelled from Wales for the Swansea vs. Leeds game (as a guy), the result didn't go my way, but I did have a great time and want to come up again. I think the previous comments about the Viaduct, Bridge and New Penny are misleading to others. I work in a top quality hotel (yes, even Wales has them!) and I know what is acceptable and what isn't. As a Tranny we get a lot of crap, but I certainly didn't get any in Leeds or any poor service, in fact I was well looked after. As a T.V I had a great night out dressed up, there was nothing unfriendly about the Viaduct and good quality music. As a Drag Queen I also thought I may not be welcomed in the Bridge and expected the worst. I had a great, great time out in Leeds and I would go to the Bridge again. The New Penny is also friendly, has no bad attitude and is great. I am so glad I went as I had the TIME of my life 'till 4am. I really enjoyed my time in the gay pubs in Leeds. Drag Queens can attract crap, but I was made most welcome!! Thanks Leeds.
Christine Black - Wales, 25/09/07

The Queen's Court is a fantastic night out, great cheesy music, everyone is friendly, and the bar staff and bouncers are great! During the day the food is gorgeous, happy hours are from 5-8 and is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. The courtyard parties are also great in rain or shine. It's the best place in Leeds in the day or for a crazy night out. You can even pole dance upstairs, and you can chill out downstairs. It has something for everyone - I recommend it!
Becky - Leeds, 01/08/07

The Bridge is diabolical. The staff were more concerned with looking pretty than doing anything, and does the Harry Potter guy ever smile or interact unless it's with a male member of staff who he's trying to shag? As for the other reviews; The Penny is less naff these days, except for the loos with one lock up for hundreds in the gents. Also, a friend got spiked in there and loads of water gets drunk. The Viaduct is actually normally alright, I only went there because Anna Glipta had been there, but it doesn't open late enough and the toilets stink, but they have got a nice tent for the smokers. :)
Anon - Leeds, 23/07/07

I was quite shocked that the bar staff at Blayds bar seemed more the worse for wear than the customers. One young lad in particular serving was quite rude and offensive to an older gentleman who put the money for his drink on the bar, by holding his hand out and saying in a slurred voice "My hand's here, not over there", and then turning to another customer and saying "He's vile, he is". I don't think it is unreasonable to count your change onto the bar to pay for a drink, if the young lad in question serving had been more sober perhaps he would not have been so offended.
William L. Stubbs - Leeds, 21/07/07

The Viaduct has to be the unfriendliness bar in Leeds since it has become a gay bar. The Landlady is rude and the feeling is unwelcoming. I would not recommend this venue unless you want to face physical and verbal abuse.
Anon - Leeds, 22/04/07

The New Penny has to be the worst venue in the country never mind Leeds, after you have faced the rudeness of the door staff and their hangers on, you will then face a moribund atmosphere, if you ever get served at all, after all that you face physical and verbal abuse from the other patrons, should you have the nerve to be well groomed and handsome, overall I would not recommend to even the hardened of Leeds barflies!!
Terence Paul Baker - Leeds, 24/03/07
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