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The Townhouse
The Townhouse, Leeds
Haunt of the more sophisticated townie, sleek monied types and their wannabes. This is the best known bar in Leeds, if you want to see a Leeds player on the pull or an Emmerdale 'star' in the flesh, your best bet's in here. Spread over three floors with outside drinking on Assembly Street, there's a strong clubby feel and a cafe on the ground floor serving sandwiches 'till 2am. Unfortunately this place is far from a secret and gets rammed with the city's beautiful people, so make an effort and get there early.
Mon - Sat 11.30am-2am. Various panninis £2.95
The Townhouse, Assembly Street, Leeds
Tel No : 0113 219 4004
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Reader Reviews
If you like wearing sunglasses in the dark or have an all year round tan this is defo the place for you. I have never seen so many pretentious people in one place. The jumped up bouncers need to spend more time on people skills and less time trying to belittle people. I won't waste any more of my life waiting to get in there. Not for people with a brain or no tan!!
Jay Blasket, March 29, 2007
The Townhouse is venue to the best night out in Leeds. Once you're in, you know you're going to be there for the whole night. Very trendy theme, full of talent, and a great atmospshere. More than recommend going at least once!
Simon Jerry, October 16, 2006
A group of 10 of us went to the this venue (5 male 5 female), 8 of us went inside while one of my friends was stopped in front of me and told quite boldly by a young doorman that he wasnt going in, once asked why he replied "you look like a F`in pr#*k". I asked to speak to the manager straight away and was told he was busy without checking, I then showed my SIA Door licence and told the doorman that I wanted his badge number and was told where to go. The rest of the group found the duty manager inside and asked him to come outside to speak to us, I explained the situation to him calmly and that I have been a doorman for the past 14 years and if I had ever spoken to a customer like that (especialy in some venues where I`d worked) I would either be out of a job or worse in A&E. The manager didnt seemed fazed at all and told me he couldn't (more like wouldnt) do anything, we all left in the end without been abusive or arguementitive, and all I can say is "YOUR LOSS & NEVER AGAIN".
Paul L, October 01, 2006
Disappointing!!! The townhouse was once a favourite of mine however I must stress that the service over the years has declined to the point where the bar staff ignored us for 20 minutes then refused to give names or assistance when we stressed our annoyance! Nicholas Routh- sort it out- your customer service is appauling!!
Fiona McNamara, March 12, 2004
As most people have already said, if you don't get past the bouncers you're not cool enough to be in there anyway, so quit moaning. Undoubtedly the best bar in the UK, beats anywhere in London hands down. Next time your up north and your feeling the funk, check it out!
James, Birmingham, December 13, 2003
Townhouse is just what you're looking for, if you're into r'n'b and looking glamorous then it's the place to be. Just make sure you scrub up well.
Fal, Leeds, December 11, 2003
Went to Leeds for first time on Sat night as I'm thinking about moving there. Went to selection of bars listed here and I reckon Townhouse was the best. Obviously the people who complain about the bouncers are the type of scutrags that don't deserve to be in there in the first place as we (3 lads) got in without any drama at all. Great atmosphere, great music and plenty of fine ladies. I liked it a lot.
MB, Notts, December 08, 2003
The Townhouse was cool a couple of years ago but now, it's the most pretentious place in Leeds. Full of shop workers posing as millionaires. Everyone is far too busy desperately trying to look cool instead of having a good time.
S, Leeds, October 14, 2003
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