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Callcredit Check
Callcredit Check, Leeds
Callcredit Check is one of the leading credit reference agencies in the UK. It deals directly with the consumer, providing online credit reports that help you understand your credit score and how to put right anything that shows up as a negative. They quickly alert you of any suspected identity theft.

A credit reference agency collects details regarding you and your finances. These details include your current and previous addresses, your financial accounts and any financial links to you. This information is used to help lenders to decide whether or not to give you credit. Callcredit Check allows you to access this information at anytime.

Unfortunately, the number of crimes related to identity fraud is on the increase. Callcredit Check helps you to detect occasions when you are a victim of ID theft. If there are any important changes to your credit reference then you receive an email, at which point you can decide if the changes look fraudulent and take action quickly if necessary. If this happens Callcredit Check contact other credit reference agencies to make them aware that fraud is happening in your name and provide you with all the expert advice that you need.
PO Box 734, Leeds, LS1 9GX
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